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Athletes who are not looking for the Comprehensive Coaching Package but still like some structure to their training may enjoy being a member of the Training Program Library. Here’s how it works, after you become a member of the library you have the following access:

  1. The Training Plan Library: This is a library of constantly increasing training programs, everything from return to running after injury plans, 10-km training, half marathon, marathon, Ironman 70.3, Full Ironman, 4 Week VO2 Max Booster and many more. See one you like, just send a note requesting to have it dropped in your Final Surge calendar and give the date to start (or end). In most cases within 24 hours you will be good to go.
  2. Supporting Webinars: Several times a year you can join in on webinars helping you to determine your Training Zones and how to customize your program after it is entered in Final Surge.

The Programs

This is our current list of Programs but there will be new ones added on a regular basis. In each plan you will see a line with the content numbers. Because some workouts are time based and some are distance based, it will be the total of the time and the distance that gives you the best idea of the total work volume for that Program. Although we can’t build Programs on demand, we welcome suggestions for new Programs to be added.

Basic Marathon Training: A 21 week plan for a marathon with 3-4 runs weekly and Hip/Core Strength and Stretch. Perfect for your first marathon. 21 weeks, 183 workouts 800-km 27:45 hours

Ironman 70.3 Training: A 24 week basic plan for Ironman 70.3 with Optional Strength Training. 24 weeks, 276 workouts, 1235-km, 214:32 hours

21 Minutes, 21 Days Challenge: Try 21 days of strength and stretch in just a 21 minutes a day commitment 3 weeks, 21 workouts, 7:21 hours

Advanced Return to Running: This is a plan to return to running after an injury and with medical clearance to start running again. This is not therapy, it is meant to be done after therapy (or in combination with therapy and medical clearance). It is for a well recovered athlete or one who has gone through the Basic Return to Run. 4 weeks, 19 workouts, 58.5-km 45:00 hours

Basic Return to Run: This is a plan to return to running after an injury and with medical clearance to start running again. This is not therapy, it is meant to be done after therapy (or in combination with therapy and medical clearance) 4 weeks, 19 workouts, 8:12:00

Bootstrap Boogie Trail Run 17-km: A 9 week plan to prepare for the BB at Irving Nature Park. Includes optional cross training and strength training. 9 weeks, 122 workouts, 142-km, 37:30 hours

Half Marathon Training: A 20 week plan for a half marathon with 3-4 runs weekly and Hip/Core Strength and Stretch. 20 weeks, 168 workouts, 606-km, 21:00 hours

Ironman Basic Plan: This is a 29 week metric plan for beginner or recreational athletes who are looking to finish an Ironman happy and healthy. It is designed for athletes training through a winter environment and includes at home strength training and stretching workouts. Intensity is provided through Training Zones for Heart Rate but can also be used as Perceived Exertion Zones (RPE Zones). Most workouts with just a few exceptions are downloadable through workout builder. Much of this training will be in winter months, maybe all depending where you live. Indoor cycling can be mentally challenging, if you are a Rouvy, Zwift or other app user feel free to substitute the scheduled workout for an online workout of similar design to help keep you motivated in those dark winter nights. 29 weeks, 402 workouts, 1295-km, 127:33 hours

Marathon for Experienced Athletes: This is a 21 week program for athletes who have marathon experience and are looking for a strong race result. 21 weeks,  189 workouts, 818-km, 77:45 hours

Run Strong: A 4 week run fitness booster for athletes with some running experience. 4 weeks, 44 workouts, 7:20 hours

Speed off the Bike for Triathletes and Duathletes: This is a 4 week cycle to help develop more running speed off the bike. Only the related workouts are shown, it is assumed the athlete will continue with other workouts as appropriate for their own goals. 4 weeks, 27 workouts,  228-km, 2:00 hours

VO2 Max Builder: This is a challenging 8 week plan to increase an experienced runner’s VO2 Max. You should be healthy and fit before undertaking this plan. 8 weeks, 102 workouts, 16-km, 29:00

Ironman Off-Season Training Block: This is a 4 week plan to keep you fit in the off-season, it can be repeated until you move into formal training for your event 4 weeks, 64 workouts, 66-km, 19:00

Advanced Half Marathon Training: An 18 week plan for a half marathon with 4-5 runs weekly and periodized Strength Training. Runners should be experienced and able to start with a long run of an hour and a quarter. 18 weeks, 274 workouts, 344.6-km, 80:12 hours

The small print... customization of coaching of programs is not included in this package but the regular webinars will give you tools to do your own customization. All programs requested have to start between Sept 1, 2021 and Aug 31, 2022. There are no limits to how many programs you can have loaded but if the dates overlap you will have both sets of workouts on your calendar.

The annual fee is $100 for membership. To register go to Program Library

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