Comprehensive Coaching Package

We offer a comprehensive Coaching Package for endurance athletes including Road Runners, Trail Runners, Triathletes and CaniCross athletes and more. The package includes:

  1. A customized training plan on the Final Surge training platform. This includes your workouts, training intensities and interface with Strava and Garmin. The plan is supplemented with strength and stretching programs built on Workout Labs and Physiotec platforms to give you every opportunity to be your best. As a custom plan, it is adjusted through the season to meet the need of the athlete.
  2. Regular coaching consultations on Zoom, these can be on a scheduled rotation or upon request, whichever is best for the athlete.
  3. Regular feedback comments on your workouts in Final Surge.
  4. Regular Webinars (about every 6 weeks) on various training topics.
  5. “Hey Coach” service where we will research the literature to give solid, science based answers to your questions.
  6. Access to a community of endurance athletes to share the experience of training and racing.
  7. E-mail access to the coach with 24-hour or better response time (some exceptions apply).

The fees are $30/month payable quarterly ($90) or get two months free when you pay annually up front ($300). REGISTRATION IS NOW FULL, check out the Training Program Library Membership for other options

About the Coach

Daryl Steeves came to coaching through the Sports Science route and holds an undergraduate degree (BPE) in Sports Science, A Master’s degree in Biomechanics (BPE) and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology (M.Ed.). He has over 40 years experience in coaching sports as diverse as gymnastics, volleyball, racquetball, distance running, and triathlon. Daryl is a Certified Ironman Coach and a licensed Triathlon Canada Coach.

The steps in the On the Run Coaching System

  1. Athlete registers and completes some basic screening
  2. Athlete completes a goal setting document for the coming season
  3. Coach and athlete work together to develop a Season Blueprint
  4. If new to Final Surge, Coach and athlete review how to use the platform through a Zoom call and shared screens
  5. Coach builds the first training block in Final Surge for the athlete’s review
  6. Regular training/coaching begins, athlete enters data and comments in Final Surge for coaching review. On going communication through this period is key.
  7. Zoom meetings are held as agreed between coach and athlete
  8. Athlete completes race and submits a race report to coach
  9. Coach and athlete review the race report and changes are made in the next training block as required.

Let’s build something together.

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