QR Code Runs with Webscorer

With Covid, we have been looking for opportunities to stay active but also keep our distance from one another, and race volunteers. Although it is not perfect, one alternative we have come up with is using an app called Webscorer and printed QR Codes to make self timed races.

Here is how it works. You download an app to your phone for free, it is called Webscorer. This is your timing device on run day. Meanwhile, you register for the event on the Webscorer website (the Race Organizer typically posts a link for that). Registration is quick and simple and is usually free or very low price.

On the day of the event, go to the location and look for the QR Code posted at the start.

Get everything ready to go, when you scan the code the time will start, so be ready to run.

Open your app and choose Race with self-timing

After that, click on “My upcoming races” and a list will appear, simply choose your race and you will be able to scan the start code.

When you scan the start code you will get an OK message and the time begins (get going!)

If there should be any problem with a code, don’t panic, you can choose “Record Time without Code” and your time will get started. The same applies at the Turn Code and the Finish Code, you can always by-pass the scan. As soon as you scan (or Record Time without Code) your results are recorded and entered into the run database.

Here are a couple of samples of the responses when you Scan…

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