Welcome to On the Run Coaching Services

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

On of the fundamental philosophies of On the Run Coaching Services is that every athlete is an individual and each program is unique to meet the needs of that athlete.

The second key philosophy is success is not determined by the goal, all goals are valid if they are the goal chosen by the athlete. Success is the attainment of those goals within a context of a whole and healthy life. Sport and Physical Activity are important parts of a healthy life, but only a part. The healthiest people have a well rounded life and enjoy all life has to offer.

We are committed to working with all athletes to reach their goals and to help them keep the context of a healthy life. The social element of our active lifestyle is equally important be it a single family member or friend that we share our dreams with, or a big team of like minded individuals, there is much to be gained form the social part of sport.

Strange Days Indeed

What an unusual summer this has been for endurance athletes. Covid-19 has cancelled just about everything, but endurance athletes have a lot of… well, endurance, so nothing keeps them down very long. It has been impressive to see some amazing things people have done, completing virtual races, taking on distance challenges, working on long term goals or just retooling for the future. Here is one guy that has made good use of the time… Garth Millar of Saint John. You likely know him not only as an athlete but as a consummate Race Director (RD). Well, this summer has interrupted the RD gig so Garth has gone after a few bucket list items… he has run all the streets in St Andrews by the Sea (where he was RD of the Triathlon several times) for 27-km, then went on to ride all the paved roads on Grand Manan Island, where his 111-km of riding got “most of them, might have missed a few small ones”. Just a couple of days after that he ran the major roads of Grand Manan from Southern Head to the Whistle and Swallow Tail Lighthouse for over 33-km of very challenging running. Endurance athletes always find a way… congratulations Garth.

On the Run Coaching Services

A service for athletes and active people to help you reach your goals from a run around the block to a race across the world. You point to the destination, we help you create the map.

On the Run truly believes every single goal is worth pursuing and ever one of us has an active person inside ready to come out. For some they come out to simply enjoy physical activity for others they come out to pursue sport. We are here to welcome them all and to make the journey fun and rewarding.