On the Run (as published in the Telegraph Journal Sept 22, 2021)

It seems like Covid is never going away but runners are endurance athletes, and they just keep going and going. It has been impressive how races have continued to happen and how understanding participants have been with following the Public Health guidelines for racing. Kudos to all involved.

Brian Richard our Person on the Run

A new event on the calendar this year was the College Hill Challenge in Fredericton and if you have spent any time on UNB Campus you know “the hill”.  In the 5-km event for men it was Ian Verschoor of Berwick in top spot in 16:59 ahead of hometown boys Michael Colford (17:11) and Rob Jackson (19:47). For the women mom Connie (24:14) and daughter Lily Coffin (28:35) of Saint John took first and third spots, separated by Fredericton’s Kaitlyn Gillis in 26:05.  The mile race for women was an all Fredericton affair with Nicole Trites in first spot with a 6:38 just ahead of Samantha Norris in 6:39 and Gabby Kozak in 6:43 making for some exciting racing. The men put on an equally good show with David Brown of Island View clocking a 5:42 ahead of a three-way photo finish at 5:48 including Vardaan Malhotra of Fredericton, Cam Harris of Quispamsis and Isaac Cull of Yarmouth. An exciting day of racing on the hill.

In Miramichi it was the September 5-km both in person and virtually that brought out some fast performances. At the in-person event Dean Strowbridge of Willow Grove continued his winning ways with a very fast 16:26 followed by Todd Power of Salisbury in 18:04 and Noah McKinnon of Miramichi in 18:55. The women actual took the overall second and third spots with a couple of great performances. Leading the way was Meghan Duffy of Miramichi in 17:55 just ahead of fellow Miramichier Paul Keating in 18:03. Three of the top five overall finishers were over 50 years of age. In the virtual event the women saw Fredericton’s Kelsey Tucker lead the way in 20:40 followed by Elizabeth Morrison of Sackville (22:19) and Krystal Corcoran of Miramichi (23:33).  The men’s event went to Timmy Basque of Shippagan in 17:10 followed by Gary Kenny of Tracadie (19:53) and Bruce Clark of Houlton (20:03). In the virtual race, two of the overall top five finishers were over 60 years of age. Running really is a sport for all ages.

This weekend we have the Rotary Mile in Sackville just ahead of the Fall Fair Parade. A great opportunity to run through the main streets of Sackville with no traffic. Get the details and register at https://events.runnb.ca/event/the-rotary-mile/472084/  

In the Miramichi it’s the Cross Country 5-km, check it out at https://events.runnb.ca/event/miramichi-cross-country-5km/471529/

The Miramichi River Runners (MRR) season wraps up this week with the Cross-Country race. All through Covid, MRR has been hosting safe in-person runs and virtual runs at least once a month. A huge effort behind the scenes by the very humble Brian Richard and his team.  Brian has given and continues to give so much to running over the years. We are proud to have him as this week’s Person on the Run. Thanks for all you do Brian.

Gotta run

Daryl Steeves

Weekly Running Columnist



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