A service for athletes and active people to help you reach your goals from a run around the block to a race across the world. You point to the destination, we help you create the map.

On the Run truly believes every single goal is worth pursuing and every one of us has an active person inside ready to come out. For some they come out to simply enjoy physical activity for others they come out to pursue sport. We are here to welcome them all and to make the journey fun and rewarding.

On the Run Coaching Services believes every athlete is an individual with goals, backgrounds, abilities and full lives that all impact how they come to sport and physical activity.

Our mission is to help you get what you are looking for from sport and physical activity; maybe an escape from the day to day hectic lifestyle or maybe completing an Ironman, we start where you are and help map a route to the destination you choose.

Coach Daryl with one of his heroes, Terry Fox

Our Head Coach is Daryl Steeves and he brings a full tool kit to help you with your goals. His academic background includes an undergraduate degree in Sports Science (BPE) and two Masters degrees, one in Biomechanics (MPE) and one in Exercise Physiology (MEd). In addition to that he has over 40 years of coaching experience in many sports but most recently has narrowed his focus to Endurance Sport including Triathlon, Running, Trail Running, Ultra Running, Cycling and Swimming. He is an Ironman Certified Coach and is a certified coach with Triathlon Canada. Daryl says his most rewarding part of coaching is seeing an athlete do what they never felt they could whether it is a 5-km run or an Ironman Triathlon, the completion of a goal is where the success is measured.

Local athletes in Southern New Brunswick have the opportunity for live coaching but we also offer a very robust on-line service using Final Surge and Workout Labs software so our athletes can train around the world and join our webinars through Zoom Communication. .